Different Effects of Multitrack Recoding Software

Right in your own respective home, music makers and sound engineers can produce high quality recordings with multitrack recording software.

Multitrack Recording Software

Multitrack Recording Software

installed on their own personal computer. What more can add personality and uniqueness into their work other than applying interesting effects? The following are some of these effects that brings any audio recording into something out of ordinary.


Reverb and delay. In providing a little depth and sense of space on the sound recording, these echo-based effects are being used. Delay keeps the sound about 0.1 seconds after the initial sounds have reached the ears. To put in simple terms, this is the “echo”. Meanwhile when two sounds are combined to create a spacey one, then it is a technique called reverberation. If these effects are used sparingly and strategically, then it can add excitement without compromising the quality of the multitrack recording.


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Chorus. This effect by multitrack recording software is very similar with the reverberating and delayed technique. This means the software also mixes two signals together while they are out-of-sync. There is a wide effect if being compared to the original. Pitches are also adjusted to cater the achievement of the desired sound. This also allows for a more depth, fullness and dramatic factor to the mix itself. Audio engineers have to be careful not to overdo it though.


Compression. This is for controlling purposes each instrument or voice track’s dynamic range. There would be always loud parts and soft parts in every track. Peaks can sometimes overload and thus the track is destroyed. The goal is not to squash the dynamic range.


Equalization. This is used by audio engineers to fine-tune the tonal characteristics of both the musical instruments and the voices, as these are ingredients for a cohesive sounding mix.


Doubling. This is to solve the problem about thin recorded sounds, giving it a fuller effect. For this, audio engineers can use their software to playback two tracks at the same time. These are the types of sound that are quite expected and remedied.


Multitrack recording software has proven its worth towards the improvement of the recording industry.



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